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A major rolling stock company playing an important role in improving the availability of wagons and refurnished locomotives in Argentina.

Ferrocarril Belgrano Cargas

The largest railroad in Argentina, operating 10,841 km (6,736 mi) of lines across 13 provinces, including Buenos Aires.

Corporación del Cobre (Codelco)

The main copper producer in the world, operating six mining divisions plus the Ventanas Smelter and Refinery, produced 1.79 million metric tons of refined copper in 2011.

Ferrocarril Antofagasta a Bolivia (FCAB)

A company with over 120 years of providing transport services in Northern Chile. Its rail line climbs from sea level to over 4,500 m (14,764 ft), while handling 2 million tons per annum.

MPE Insumos Ferroviarios, Ltd.

A firm specialized in railroad infrastructure, with competency in engineering design and development of rail infrastructure components and manufacturer representation.


It specializes in the transport of sulphuric acid and nitrocellulose from production centers to ports in Chile’s central and southern regions.

Nordex SA

Has manufactured and assembled trucks in Uruguay for domestic and Mercosur markets for 50 years. It is the exclusive manufacturer of Renault trucks in Latin America.