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Freeson Trading Company

A trading company representing many first-class European and U.S.A. heavy manufacturers in the Chinese market.


A Chinese global manufacturing company of automobiles, motorcycles, engines, and transmissions. It sells cars under five brand names: Emgrand, Englon, Geely, Gleagle, and Volvo

Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock (QRRS)

The largest manufacturer of freight rail cars and accessories in China.

Quality Technical Services (QTS)

Quality Technical Services provides independent, third party, quality assurance inspection services for buyers of transportation equipment made in China for export.

Taiyuan Heavy Industries (TZ)

One of China’s largest heavy machinery manufacturing corporation specializing in cranes, heavy-duty rolling mills, tube straighteners, railroad wheel and axles, and forging equipment.

Association of American Railroads (AAR)

Is the standard setting organization for North America’s railroads, bringing together operators responsible for a 140,000 mile network stretching across the far reaches of North America.

Axion International

Makes proprietary composite railroad ties and composite infrastructure products from 100% recycled materials, which are of superior quality and life than hard wood.

Sullivan LLC

Independent technical railroad consultant playing an active role in the Association of American Railroads (AAR) in Washington DC.


A major rolling stock company playing an important role in improving the availability of wagons and refurnished locomotives in Argentina.

Ferrocarril Belgrano Cargas

The largest railroad in Argentina, operating 10,841 km (6,736 mi) of lines across 13 provinces, including Buenos Aires.